Feathers and Faults

Taking time to get to know the natural world is a valuable practice. It informs us of both the strength and fragility of the world we live in.

Finding the King’s Crown

I often pick up smooth stones, tiny crab shells, tumbled driftwood, clumps of beard moss, and other little bits of nature. But the antler… I felt as if I had found the king’s crown!

Ponderings from the Coast

For many years now, I have gone out of my way to find a body of water to stare at. Since moving to the beach, I only have to take a short walk through coastal pines and windswept dunes to enjoy this practice. Still, there are times when I seek out less ferocious waters–a bay…

Why I Keep One Book to Destroy

In high school art class, my teacher asked us to bring an old book to class. I picked up an old coin guide for collecters for a buck. If we were bringing a book to art class, it probably wasn’t going to last long. She was about to open the door to a new kind…