She was Alive: Flash Fiction

Day 10 of writing through May.

My hand and wrist are almost better, but I want to keep this short for another day or two. That means… more flash fiction!

I moved to the Pacific Northwest from the landlocked Ozarks. The treasures that wash ashore are a source of endless fascination–though I mostly find driftwood and pieces of Dungeness crab picked apart by birds. The character in this super short story finds something else entirely.


She was Alive

Gooseneck barnacles covered every inch of the moored boat. A storm carried it to shore the night before. The girl, Max, spotted it as soon as she came over the grassy dunes. She ran past knots of bull kelp, driftwood, and crab shells as fast as she could. Perhaps she would find treasure aboard.

Just out of reach of the surf, the shell heads of the barnacles gently squirmed and stretched in the naked air. She poked at them with a piece of driftwood and stuck out her tongue. Gross. But she had to peer inside.

She pushed the biggest piece of driftwood she could manage to the side of the boat and clambered on top of the slick wood. And her eyes grew wide.

Inside lay a girl, the perfect image of Max but salt-bitten and tangled in kelp. Her chest rose and fell, rose and fell. She was alive.

©2018, Sarah Day. For permissions contact:

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    1. Sarah Jane says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. =) Thanks so much for reading. I really appreciate it!


  1. Nice one, Sarah! :)

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