I Dream of Bookshelves: 5 DIY Bookshelf Ideas

I fantasize about the library we’ll build one day because, at least in my mind, this is the most important room in the house. Okay, well, maybe that or the kitchen (you know that saying about spending all your money on food and books…).  In the spirit of future library plans, I decided to dig around the internet for beautiful bookshelves. Here are a few that caught my eye!

1. Sand and Sisal’s DIY Built-in Bookshelves + Window Seat

The only thing better than regular bookshelves are bookshelves you can lounge on beside a window. It’s perfect. What’s better than glancing up from a good novel to gaze out a window in that half-dream state? I’ll tell you…

Having a cup of coffee (or tea!) with your literature.

2. Remove and Replace Wine Crate Coffee Table on Wheels

Wine crates aren’t hard to find anymore. They have become a staple of re-purposed DIY projects kind of like wood pallets. These plans include wheels (I love mobile furniture) and a really snazzy center section you could get creative with. I also saw a tiny version of this where someone simply put wheels on a single wine crate.

3. Ana White’s Inset Bookshelf Doorway

What better entrance to a library than a bookshelf doorway? Besides, there’s something Romantic about a hidden room behind a bookshelf. That’s where you find secret labs and treasure. If it’s my house, you’re more likely to find more books. I don’t really see the difference between treasure and books anyway.

4. Blake Sloane’s Hollowed Out TV

This one is more of a statement piece. If you’re passionate about literature and dislike television, gut one and put books in it. Put it where your TV would normally go. Invite your friends over and read aloud to them. Or… just enjoy it for what it is. I didn’t find any clear instructions on this, but I think it’s self-explanatory.

5. Pallet Furniture DIY Reclaimed Window and Pallet Bookshelf

This is another re-purposed project. I like the rustic feel (something about growing up in the Ozarks). I think this one would look sweet in a kitchen or maybe above a dresser.


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  1. Marcus Ampe says:

    For those wanting to have their own library at home I want ot warn them to check the foundations of the house. I had a dance archive with lots of magazines and books in a modern building (a council house). The office being on the third floor the sealing on the second floor was showing cracks after some years and building specialists advised me to take away the heavy load of books.

    A few years ago my whole archive was transferred to a purposed industrial building, now presenting my archive and library to the general public at the Flemish Theatre Institute.

    I must admit I miss the every minute availability for me, but having collected for many decades material about performing arts, the stack became to huge for a private house. (And now my priorities are lying on a different field.)

    So collectioneurs be warned, keep in mind the construction of your house and prepare yourself to the moment there shall come a time you shall have to abandon all those lovely antiquarian and special books and magazines. (And be aware that can hurt a lot.) I also agree than could be there a time to make lots of money out of it. Several libraries from all over the world wanted to buy selections (for good value), but I wanted to have the collection in one piece available to a professional and wider public (Certain pieces of my collection came only available to be witnessed by professional people).

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    1. Sarah G. says:

      That was quite the cautionary tale! I’m glad you found a good home for your collection; it sounds beautiful!


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